Month: October 2019

Reach your Goals: 10 Newsletter Design Tips


Are your newsletters and email communication reaching your recipients? Email marketing is one of the most important marketing activities today. It is hard enough to get people to sign up for news these days. Everyone is inundated with options and notifications. If your emails are not relevant to your audience, not personal to their needs, not addressing the right issues or unclear than you risk … Read More

Branding 101: Show your True Colours using the Psychology of Colours


What does your brand say about you? Your brand should reflect your values, your attitude, your experience and your key messages. The psychology of colours has been used by successful brands and marketers for centuries. Buyers tend to be attracted to the visual elements of products and services so it makes sense that we invest in our colour palettes and give the viewer the right … Read More

Reach your Goals: The Circle of Customer Life


Giving your customers the ideal customer experience has become essential in todays world where they can reach out to your potential audience and criticize you with negative reviews and comments. So how do we track the customer journey from start to finish and provide them with everything they need? We want to ensure that every customer gets the most value for their money, leaving them … Read More