Month: January 2020

Reach your goals: Email Design 101


Subject Lines Symbols in Subject Lines Body Text Header Personalisation Layout Images White Space Calls to Action Links Spelling and Grammar Footer and Social Links Subject Your subject line is a crucial component of your email that is often left to the end in terms of design. Think about what the reader sees when they open their inbox. Now, how can you make your email … Read More

Going Green! 6 Sustainable Business Initiatives


There are many reasons that you should consider sustainable business plans to future proof your business. From a marketing perspective it can be a fantastic to shout about your green awareness and show your employees that you care about the environment. We have selected 6 ways that you can make your working environment more eco-friendly. Paperless Offices If you are still using paper for everything … Read More

Reach Your Goals: Do You need A Marketing agency?


When you should and shouldn’t use a marketing agency to help you achieve your digital marketing goals can be hard to determine. We have come up with a few points of advice that should you to decide if a marketing agency would help you towards your business goals. Every digital professional, including myself, is trying to pitch you their services. From social media management to … Read More