Month: March 2020

Reach Your Goals: 10 benefits of Freelance Content writers


There are many reasons why you should consider hiring freelance writers to assist you with your content needs. Time, money and expertise are just three benefits of freelance content writers. Most freelance writing services like ours will offer quality content for all clients, work to your timelines and decrease the time that you need to spend researching, writing and editing articles. Although freelance writers are … Read More

covid-19 Digital Crisis Management tips for small businesses


Digital Crisis Management for Small Businesses during the Coronavirus Covid-19 has crept up on us, causing a tidal wave of destruction. Nobody could have foreseen the impact that it is having on small businesses across the world. We would like to express our sincerest sympathies for companies that have had to close or pause their business due to this crisis. From hotels to restaurants to … Read More

Reach your goals: designing your b2b marketing strategy


Reach Your Goals: Designing Your B2B Marketing Strategy Every business needs a marketing strategy that reached out to their target audiences. Technologh has dramatically changed how we act, shop, learn and digest information. When is comes to B2B marketing many business owners have yet to adopt a unique digital B2B marketing strategy. What does it take to stand out from your competitors? How can you … Read More

Reach your goals: What is SEM?


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a term used to describe all marketing activities associated with increasing the visibility of your brand on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. SEM incorporates the paid elements of search marketing, from paid search marketing to updating your google business listing to tactical SEO optimisations. SEM usually refers to the paid search elements, where as SEO is linked … Read More