Advanced Content Marketing Workshop 1/2 Day

This advanced content marketing workshop is for anyone hoping to improve their content execution and develop creative content for online platforms. Content is king in today’s digital landscapes where you are competing for the average persons attention at every stage in the user journey.

In this 1/2 day workshop, you’ll learn the main components of content marketing, why you need to use it, when to use it and the tools that will help you to make the most of your content assets.

We will focus on understanding your target audiences and designing engaging content to reach out to potential customers online. You will learn tips and tools on how to write clearly and concisely that is relevant to your audience. You will also explore the various digital platforms used to reach your audience and how content needs to be adapted for these platforms.


  • Building Trust Through Content
  • Creating Buyer Personas
  • Setting SMART content objectives
  • Defining your brands tone of voice
  • Choosing the right distribution Channels
  • Creating a Compelling Content
  • Brainstorming & Storytelling
  • 7 forms of content every brand needs to know


  • Develop usable content marketing objectives
  • Understand how to design creative content assets
  • Write copy that will attract your target audience
  • Collaborate when developing content
  • Correctly publish and distribute your content online


First-hand experience from a company who works in digital for global brands

Small group sizes

Highly actionable & interactive learning

Course content provided in printed & PDF format

Excellent locations & facilities

COST: €350 (Includes refreshments and Materials