Branding 101: Show your True Colours using the Psychology of Colours

What does your brand say about you? Your brand should reflect your values, your attitude, your experience and your key messages.

The psychology of colours has been used by successful brands and marketers for centuries. Buyers tend to be attracted to the visual elements of products and services so it makes sense that we invest in our colour palettes and give the viewer the right message from the beginning.

From choosing contrasting colours to help the viewer to navigate your messages to selecting the vibrancy of your colours, there are many elements to consider when you are picking the colours of your brand.



Red for urgency, high emotions and excitement. Think of Coca-Cola, Virgin, Netflix and Pinterest. Red often encourages action. Many brands will add red elements for sales and creating a sense of urgency.


Blue signifies trust, wisdom and safety. Think Paypal, Facebook and Dell. Blue brands signify reliability.


Green associated with relaxation and health. Think of Starbucks and Wholefoods. Associated with health, tranquility, power, and nature. This colour is often used in retail stores to make the customer feel a sense of calmness when browsing and buying goods.


Purple indicates superiority, extravagance and femininity. Think Cadbury, Milka and Hallmark. Wisdom and craft are often associated with purple.

Orange & Yellow

Yellow immediately conjures up feelings of fun, happiness and playfulness. Think McDonalds. These cheerful colours also easily encourage action.


Black denotes luxury and power and elegance. Think Nike, Chanel, Nespresso. Associated with authority and strength.


Associated with feelings of purity. Designers cleverly use white space to enhance products, services and objects on graphics and web pages.

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Now that you are aware of what your brand colours represent how are you going to design your marketing campaigns around the personality of your organisation?

If you are considering new marketing channels or revamping old channels we are here to help.


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