Mapping Your digital Transformation in 10 steps


What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the integration technology into an existing area of your business that may rely on manual processes. The use of digital technologies can improve business processes that are outdated, enhance customer experiences when they engage with products or services and make is easier for employees to communicate within an organisation. Digital transformation is an ongoing activity that should be … Read More

Using nostalgia to increase brand awareness


I bet that you have said “that reminds of a time when…” or “when I see that colour I always think of…” or “this time of the year makes me feel…”, this is our memory tapping into our senses. Our associations with the past, either positive or negative, can have a major influence on our buying behavior. This is why it is important to factor … Read More

Essential Elements of great copywriting


A key way to differentiate your brand from your competitors is to develop your brand voice using clear, creative messages to promote your products and services. Clever content design and words can help you to build your brand personality. So what are the essential elements of great copywriting when you are writing for your brand? We will outline why creative copy works, the types of … Read More

Reach your goals: 5 business podcasts to keep you motivated


As long time believers in life long learning we are always ready to get some extra advice, training and tips. Business podcasts are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs, businesses and anyone hoping to learn from the experts. From in depth conversations with leading researchers to creative storytelling that will give your brain fuel and power your imagination. We have come up with 8 podcasts that … Read More

Reach your goals: 7 Website Design Essentials


When a new user lands on your website are they seeing what you want them to see? Are they reading what you want them to read? Are they taking the actions that you would like them to take? If you find yourself answering no to any of these questions then it is time to review your website design and implement some changes that will make … Read More

Reach your Goals: Using Twitter at Events


Do you want to position yourself or your brand as an expert? Twitter is a great platform for this and a powerful tool for creating brand awareness. Tweeting at events and conferences is the perfect way to reach an already engaged audience and draw attention to your profile. You don’t always need to have a plan when you are live tweeting and you will often … Read More

Going Green! 6 Sustainable Business Initiatives


There are many reasons that you should consider sustainable business plans to future proof your business. From a marketing perspective it can be a fantastic to shout about your green awareness and show your employees that you care about the environment. We have selected 6 ways that you can make your working environment more eco-friendly. Paperless Offices If you are still using paper for everything … Read More

Reach your Goals: Bespoke Marketing Design Solutions


If you want to make your brand stand out from the crowd than it is always a good idea to invest in your marketing materials and design of all online content. We offer a range of bespoke marketing design solutions. We use innovative design solutions to enhance your brand and help you to build consistent brand awareness. High quality design is crucial to any business … Read More

Understanding the Digital Marketing Mix


Online marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming due to the fact that a new marketing channel or social media platform pops up all of the time. The digital marketing mix helps us to put the various marketing channels and activities into categories that help us to plan. So how will you manage your time and ensure that you are using each channel that you choose effectively? … Read More

Branding 101: Show your True Colours using the Psychology of Colours


What does your brand say about you? Your brand should reflect your values, your attitude, your experience and your key messages. The psychology of colours has been used by successful brands and marketers for centuries. Buyers tend to be attracted to the visual elements of products and services so it makes sense that we invest in our colour palettes and give the viewer the right … Read More