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covid-19 Digital Crisis Management tips for small businesses


Digital Crisis Management for Small Businesses during the Coronavirus Covid-19 has crept up on us, causing a tidal wave of destruction. Nobody could have foreseen the impact that it is having on small businesses across the world. We would like to express our sincerest sympathies for companies that have had to close or pause their business due to this crisis. From hotels to restaurants to … Read More

Reach your goals: Email Design 101


Subject Lines Symbols in Subject Lines Body Text Header Personalisation Layout Images White Space Calls to Action Links Spelling and Grammar Footer and Social Links Subject Your subject line is a crucial component of your email that is often left to the end in terms of design. Think about what the reader sees when they open their inbox. Now, how can you make your email … Read More

Reach your Goals: 10 Newsletter Design Tips


Are your newsletters and email communication reaching your recipients? Email marketing is one of the most important marketing activities today. It is hard enough to get people to sign up for news these days. Everyone is inundated with options and notifications. If your emails are not relevant to your audience, not personal to their needs, not addressing the right issues or unclear than you risk … Read More