Mapping Your digital Transformation in 10 steps


What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the integration technology into an existing area of your business that may rely on manual processes. The use of digital technologies can improve business processes that are outdated, enhance customer experiences when they engage with products or services and make is easier for employees to communicate within an organisation. Digital transformation is an ongoing activity that should be … Read More

Create content for every stage of the customer journey


How can you reach your target audience at the exact time when they need your services or want your product? It is all about matching the types of content to user behavior at different stages of the buying process. For example, is your content appearing in the inspiration stage when they are just considering what holidays to go on and is your content appearing in … Read More

Reach Your Goals: Time Management Tools


You always hear of somebody staying behind to do their extra bit. Maybe they had a day full of meetings or they need to get a report finished or they have a deadline for submitting a funding application. Yes, we all fall prey to bad time habits now and again. However we can all try to work smarter, not harder and get our time management … Read More

Reach your Goals: Concentration In Work and Consistency in Actions are key


With every website, social media platform and email fighting for your attention it can be difficult to concentrate in work at times. This is exactly why setting clear, achievable goals from the outset it important when determining your digital strategy. Without the two key ingredients of concentration and consistency your marketing campaigns will be designed to fail. By focusing on your short term objectives and … Read More

Reach your Goals: 10 Newsletter Design Tips


Are your newsletters and email communication reaching your recipients? Email marketing is one of the most important marketing activities today. It is hard enough to get people to sign up for news these days. Everyone is inundated with options and notifications. If your emails are not relevant to your audience, not personal to their needs, not addressing the right issues or unclear than you risk … Read More

Reach your Goals: The Circle of Customer Life


Giving your customers the ideal customer experience has become essential in todays world where they can reach out to your potential audience and criticize you with negative reviews and comments. So how do we track the customer journey from start to finish and provide them with everything they need? We want to ensure that every customer gets the most value for their money, leaving them … Read More