Create content for every stage of the customer journey

How can you reach your target audience at the exact time when they need your services or want your product? It is all about matching the types of content to user behavior at different stages of the buying process. For example, is your content appearing in the inspiration stage when they are just considering what holidays to go on and is your content appearing in the booking stage when they are ready to buy their holiday?

Marketers call this content mapping but it is really all about knowing what stage of the buying journey your customer is at and what content is useful at every stage. This changes based on the product or service that you are offering so we will focus on the journey of a potential traveler from Ireland going abroad. Most diagrams will use a line to show you the journey but a circle works better here as really with any travel service you are offering the content stages go round and round for as long as you can keep that client.

These are often forms of content used at the different stages of the journey but for the travel industry it differs and you will need to be mindful of your traveling clients first.



Eye catching graphics and videos are your best friend at this stage. No matter what type of service or product you are selling, you need to capture the attention of the reader at this stage. You may want to pose a question or tell a story that will allow the reader to feel an affiliation with your brand. At this stage you are building awareness so social media platforms will be key. For B2C Instagram is top and for B2B LinkedIn performs well with the right content.

Research and Planning

At this point your target customer has decided that they want your product or service. Now they are looking at their options (both on and offline). Word of mouth can make or break your brand at this point so it is time to crawl the review sites, read the forums and interact with your previous customers to get some positive feedback that you can boast about. Reviews and Testimonials are your best options for creating content at this stage but influencers can also have a massive impact on the end users decision. If a potential customer trusts an influencer that talks about brand it can be a powerful marketing tool.

Buying and Booking

This is a crucial time for your brand. Are you showing up in the search results (both organic and paid)? Do you have the right prices listed? Are you asking the customer to take the right action? Using the most attractive words and phrases for our calls to action can play a pivotal role in your conversion metrics. Think about the buttons that force you to take actions online. What wording is used.

Support Stage

Are you giving the end user a helping hand after they have purchased a product or service? Do you supply a user friendly guide with your software? Do you have a customer support number if somebody wants to get in touch? Do you offer a 24 hour helpline? If you do offer these positive customer care services then create content that shouts about them.

Repeat or Return

You should always follow up with your customers. This is easily automated today and should be a key piece of content to consider. Ask your clients to share their feedback and memories of their experience using your services and products. Not only are you showing that you care but you can also curate this content for future use.


This is an example of the stages and the types of content that you would use at different stages of the Customer journey for a traveller.

Online Search – The first stage is the search phase. You are creating useful content at this stage, top destinations for 2021. Bucketlist adventures etc. Inspiring content associated with your travel services and always linking back to your relevant packages here. Guest blogging on inspiring sites like TravelBug would be a good idea here. Become the leader in your niche.

Grab Attention – Standing out from the crowd can be hard when everyone is offering something similar, unique or a great travel service down the road so create eye catching content that will win the attention of a potential client. High res images, engaging videos.

Present a Service – After you have got their attention you need to present them with a travel package that will appeal to them. How are you currently doing this? Brochures, leaflets, web pages, social media. Evaluate your channels and look at them with fresh eyes.

Share Knowledge – They need time to review your offer and decide which travel provider they want to go with. They are now in the consideration phase so it is the perfect time to show off your knowledge. Interview with the Travel expert, webinar, bring in an expert to give a talk etc.

Buy A Holiday – So they have chosen to buy a holiday. Woohoo, now you prepare their holiday documents and get them ready for take off. Don’t forget that they will be recording memories and experiences during their holiday.

Review the Holiday – Understand your customers using your buyer personas from session 1 and be aware of what content would be useful for them at every stage of the journey. Building trust with a new customer is the most important part so reviews and referrals are your best friend here. Boast about your clients experiences.

Follow up Ideas

And the process begins all over again with the same understanding that if you create the right type of content for each stage of the journey you will reach your target audience.

If you need a helping hand creating content for different stages of the user journey that is what we are here for. Reach out to us anytime.