Essential Elements of great copywriting

A key way to differentiate your brand from your competitors is to develop your brand voice using clear, creative messages to promote your products and services. Clever content design and words can help you to build your brand personality. So what are the essential elements of great copywriting when you are writing for your brand? We will outline why creative copy works, the types of copy to consider using and the top copywriting tips if you are reviewing your copywriting skills.

Why is copy powerful?

There are many reasons why copy is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. Here are just a few reasons why we believe great copy is a vital part of your branding strategy:

  1. Copy Helps to Tell Your Story
  2. It Entertains the Readers
  3. It Entices them to Take Action
  4. It Creates a Long-Lasting Relationship with your Audience
  5. It will make you Stand Out from the Crowd
  6. It Makes you Unique
  7. It Gives you an opportunity to show off


  • Web Pages
  • Blogs
  • Presentations
  • Social Media Posts
  • Mission and Values
  • Press Releases


  • Make headlines either useful or urgent
  • Use common spelling
  • Always put the reader first
  • Write as naturally as possible
  • Write in the active voice
  • Revise and Rewrite
  • Be clear and Concise
  • Test and Measure


Present a problem and a solution – Example :Can’t Afford your Dream Holiday? No problem, we are here to help. Let’s create a bucketlist travel plan together.

Ask a Question – Example – Have you thought about your next epic adventure? Here are the top places to visit for 2020

Use Strong Words that trigger Emotions – Its not easy to provoke action or trigger excitement through copy but it can be done. Lessons can be learnt from great speech writers and TED talks. Use your words to present a state of mind and a state of being when they arrive at their destination. Example: Relax, Soak up the Sun, off the beaten track, taste Spain.

Be Short and Concise when possible – Ryanair are kings at this. Using as little words as possible to convey a message.

Develop a Unique Tone – Who are you targeting? Address them directly. If you know that locals like local then use the local colloquial language.


Use your analytics and Hotjar heatmaps to see where people are looking and what they are engaging with on your site.

Tools – Free Hemingway App will help you to simplify your language

If you are looking for help when developing your brand voice and writing copy for your brand we love to come up with creative ways to make your copy shine.