Going Green! 6 Sustainable Business Initiatives

There are many reasons that you should consider sustainable business plans to future proof your business. From a marketing perspective it can be a fantastic to shout about your green awareness and show your employees that you care about the environment. We have selected 6 ways that you can make your working environment more eco-friendly.

  1. Paperless Offices

If you are still using paper for everything you do then you need to rethink what you do. Today paper should be considered a luxury item to be used only when absolutely necessary. As cloud storage gets easier and technology advances allow us to send nearly everything to our clients and customers via phone and tablet, there is very little stopping you from becoming paper free. Start by encouraging your staff to reduce their paper use.

2. Remote Working

There are many pros and alos cons to working remotely. If you are already working with freelancers, agencies or consultants then you are half way there to encouraging more remote work as these freelance hires are working remotely for you at different times of the week. If you wish to adopt more remote working hours into your office then you need to hire well, trust your employees to perform outside of the office and have an optimised management system to keep track of all project work.

With less people using transport there are many environmental benefits to remote work as you reduce your employees carbon footprint. Also there is less waste with less electricity and office supplies used on a weekly basis.

3. Meat Free Food Options

If you have a cafeteria in your office then providing a meat free option for lunch each day is an important way of leading your staff to an eco-friendly diet.

4. Eliminate Plastic

By reducing the amount of plastic you use in the office you are setting an example for employees. To start eliminating plastic do a full audit of your office waste. If you have enough employees you can form a committee and delegate the tasks. Make recycling bins available and don’t stock up on stationary that you don’t need. Also, invest in reusable mugs or cups for employees.

5. Use Green Cleaning Products

If you use a cleaning service provider ask them about the products that they use. Natural eco-friendly are getting easier to find in high street stores.

6. Donate to a Green Cause

Deciding to promote a cause that promotes sustainability is not only a charitable thing to do, it is also a clever way to position your business. There is a large cohort of the population that are concerned with the environmental impact of our carbon emissions and the damaging effect on our weather patterns today. As a business, supporting a green project can ensure that you brand is on trend and reaching an active audience.

As well as the environmental benefits there are many PR and marketing benefits. Shouting about your green business initiatives is the ideal way to build brand loyalty.

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