How to present your content to your audience?

This step is where your brand style, values and voice come into focus. What emotions are you trying to stir up in the reader? What actions would you like the reader to take? The format of your presentation will have an impact on these questions and how well your content performs.

Optimise your Content for Results

  • Use Your Brand Voice – Remember your tone. Stick to it.
  • Use attention grabbing Visuals
  • Write the right Copy
  • Make the most of your copy with titles that stand out
  • Don’t forget On-Page SEO
  • Be clever with your ‘Calls to Action’

Think About the Reader

Where is the reader when they engage with your content?

What else is the reader doing? Commuting to work, listening to a podcast, making the dinner etc

Who are they with and will if affect their response to your content?

Test Different Layouts


Establish a hierarchy of information and clearly stick to it. Use the funnel approach backwards to prioritize what you want the reader to consume first. We learn this as part of web design and optimisation but we don’t apply it enough to our more general forms of content like blogs and emails that we create. People don’t have time to decipher what you are trying to say. Be clear and use simple language.


Visual Hierarchy: Organizing Content to Follow Natural Eye Movement patterns

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