Influencer Marketing

If branding has become all about telling stories than there are some fantastic opportunities to link with the leading story tellers online today.

Crafted Reach is a full service marketing agency that specilises in a multi-channel approach. Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have become popular channels for reaching out to niche markets.

We ensure that the influencers we work with provide tangible business returns with every campaign. If 86% of women are turning to social channels before making a purchase then using influencers to cross promote your products will put your in front of your competition.

From vloggers to instagram queens we use our expertise to find the exact influencer match for your brand. We work with the most relevant influencers that are ideally placed within your target market and have an audience that will benefit your brand.

Are you ready to take your brand to your preferred audience? We will connect you with the influencers from your industry. We know exactly how to find the right influencers to help you achieve your goals and objectives, and make the best brand match possible.

We partner with communities to ensure that your influencer marketing campaigns are reaching the right audiences. We specialise in tapping into niche categories and building the right story around your brand. We will help you and the influencer to make your products and services shine. We work with influencers from many industries, including:

  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Home & Living
  • Fashion & Style
  • Art & Design
  • Technology
  • Food & Drinks
  • Family & Parenting

Let us help you build your brand story with influence from the online experts. Schedule a consultation and we will work with you to develop an influencer strategy, getting your brand in front of the right audiences.