Meet the Team

Lisa Gibbons – The Creator

Lisa is our big picture guru. She has over 10 years experience in management, digital marketing, business development and UX design. Lisa specialises in campaign design, digital partnerships and lead generation. She has a life long love for the words of Seamus Heaney and a never ending list of ideas to help you increase your brand awareness.

Ercus Long – The Thinker

Ercus is our SEO expert. He is focused, detail orientated and loves to have a plan. He has over 10 years experience in SEO and inbound marketing working with some major brands across various industries, including: technology, finance, travel and start-ups.

Sean-James – The Content King

Sean enjoys working with words. He understands how to communicate with niche target audiences and creates content that stands out from the crowd. He has a broad interest in politics and all things finance related. He loves to work on all forms of content, including: SEO, blogging, ad copy, eBooks and social media posts. He has created a wide range of content for the Education sector, the music industry and the travel industry.

Darragh – The Influencer

Darragh manages our influencer network. He likes to stay connected and knows the key players on instagram. Darragh tends to take life at a slower pace. His chilled attitude and style works well with the influencers that we work with.  He is a natural connector and keeps with all of the key social channels.

Our Partners

We work with an amazing group of designers and developers that provide a unique service for all of our clients. With over 15 years experience Dave is the head designer and he literally brings images and sketches to life. Dave has worked on every site you can think of, from interior design to recruitment to construction.

We also have a professional photographer that we work with for all of our web platforms. Jesus is originally from Brazil and he has worked with some of the major product brands in Ireland. He has a natural eye for photography and loves to shoot action shots that work well across multiple platforms.

Why Work With Us

We work across a broad range of sectors, providing the best creative marketing solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the best results. From education to electronis to tourism we design unique strategies, allowing you to focus on the business while we take care of the promotions.

While our core client base is Irish we can provide services across the UK, North America, South Africa and Asia. Our flexible working environment means that we don’t work to average time constraints. Achieving digital excellence and developing top digital campaign requires this agile approach.