NEWS: Crafted Reach Will Accept Payment for Content Services in Bitcoin or Ethereum

Are we the first agency accepting payment for marketing services in Ethereum or Bitcoin in Ireland? If so, then we are certainly not going to be the last. It is time to move towards a cashless world. When cash is no longer king who takes over the reign? At Crafted Reach we are firm believers that crypto currencies are the future. We have studied the markets, bought into the idea and are now in a position to offer some of our key marketing services in exchange for ETH or BIT.


  • We believe in supporting innovation and creativity. Bitcoin as a digital currency encourages this innovation and allows for exploration of new ideas without a stringent reliance on the credit associated with traditional currencies.
  • We believe in keeping the internet accessible for all. This involves the development of an alternative future where a hybrid model of payments makes a fairer society.
  • Finally, we wish to support individuals and companies that have already invested in cryptocurrencies to further their ambitions with our marketing and design expertise. If there are individuals who don’t have access to cash but have a reserve of crypto then our marketing team are here to help.

Organisations that wish to discuss content proposals and innovative marketing campaigns get in touch today.

This innovation train is already at full steam ahead and a number of industries will be playing catch up. Our hope is that more countries begin to adopt Universal Basic Income for all citizens and with this, the individual becomes empowered to discover new methods of payment, such as Bitcoin.