Reach Your Goals: 10 benefits of Freelance Content writers

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring freelance writers to assist you with your content needs. Time, money and expertise are just three benefits of freelance content writers. Most freelance writing services like ours will offer quality content for all clients, work to your timelines and decrease the time that you need to spend researching, writing and editing articles.

Although freelance writers are flexible you can also make them account assistants which frees up more of your day to plan the account strategy and focus on the overall client needs. If you have a long term project, don’t hesitate to ask a freelance service to provide a quote for work over that period.

What can a Freelance Content Writer help with?

  • Content research
  • Writing Blogs
  • Writing Articles
  • Writing Website content
  • Writing Brochure content
  • Content management
  • Content planning
  • SEO (Both on and off page)

Here are the main benefits that freelance content writers can offer to companies and agencies.


Save Time

Time is precious and often under estimated when it comes to writing quality content. Whether it is a product description, an informative blog or an opinion piece, all types of content require research and time. Unique content that is helpful and appealing to the end user isn’t easy in the age of the interest. Avoid wasting time researching your content by hiring a content writing service.

More Planning

Now that you have more time on your hands you are free to get creative, think outside the box and come up with a winning marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Update Your Content Calendar

Often people will begin a content calendar with great intentions of updating it every week or month. Take a look back on your content and when you last published a new blog post. If it has been over a month than give us a call. If you are struggling to maintain a consistent content calendar than freelance content writers are there to help out.

Publish More Content

If you give a freelancer extra content then you will have time to focus on internal content too, therefore publishing more content than you would usually have available. Plus, the freelance writer is only concentrated on the topics that you give to them, allowing them to focus and complete more content in less time.

Saves Costs of Hiring Full time Employee

There is no denying that hiring freelance workers saves costs. This shouldn’t be your only reason for hiring but it will allow you more wiggle room when it comes to planning budgets and allocating budgets across your marketing department.

It is Flexible

Freelancers are available as and when you need them. You don’t need to go through the hiring process. Simply give them an assignment or brief outline of the content required, give them an approximate word count and they will produce the content withing 3 – 5 days. As you haven’t signed a contract, you have no obligations to keep the freelancer after a certain period of time.

Fresh Ideas and Creativity

Hiring staff outside of your organisation can be a great way to get a boost of creativity and injection of imagination into a campaign or team. Freelancers will have their own way of writing and working, enjoy learning from each-other.

No office space required

You won’t need to find desk space for a freelance copywriter as the majority of us work remotely. This helps to minimise the interruption to the daily office routine.

Source Industry Experts

Many freelance writing will specialise in certain subjects, i.e. technology, construction, engineering, retail, books or music. There are many ways to find expert writers for specific topics. We work with a group of freelance copywriters that offer a range of content writing services and also focus on niche topics.

Reach a Wide Audience

If you let the freelancers work on the content and stipulate that they most include elements of SEO for their articles you should see these articles reach a broader audience. Also, you will have time to target a wider audience if you are not concentrating on creating the content itself. Facebook ads, PR and partnerships are just three ways to reach out to your audience with relevant content.

This is by no means suggesting that freelance content writers provide the only solution to our content requirements. For this you will need to have a strategic planning, outline all of your digital marketing needs and dissect the various types of content required over the course of each quarter.


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