Reach your goals: 5 business podcasts to keep you motivated

As long time believers in life long learning we are always ready to get some extra advice, training and tips. Business podcasts are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs, businesses and anyone hoping to learn from the experts. From in depth conversations with leading researchers to creative storytelling that will give your brain fuel and power your imagination.

We have come up with 8 podcasts that we believe are perfect when you are looking for some practical business advice and inspiration.

HBR Ideacast

From growing pains of starting a business to finding the right team to partner with to networkinng to business management, this is an informative podcast that will give you key take always everytime you listen to an episode. Using real life scenarios we get to grips with challenges that all businesses face.

Top Episodes:

How I built This

Guy Raz invites experts onto his show to give us a place where we can learn from top innovators from a wide variety of industries. Special guests include Richard Branson, Kate Spade, Ben & Jerry founders and Reid Hoffman. This is easy listening with a free flow interview style that locks you into the conversations from the start. Each episode lasts approximately 1 hour and we get to hear about the issues some of our most revered business people faced when they were trying to scale their businesses.

Top Episodes:

SoulCycle: Julie Rice & Elizabeth Cutler
LinkedIn: Reid Hoffman
Serial Entrepreneur: Mark Cuban

Planet Money

This thought provoking podcast features episodes that are under 30 minutes long, perfect if you are heading out for a jog or a walk in the park. It is produced twice a week and tackles a wide variety of subjects that focus on the impact of money in society. Using up to date subject matter and simple stories it addresses some of the biggest issues facing economies today.

Top Episodes:

Dollar Stores Vs Lettuce
When The Boats Arrive
Moving To Opportunity?

Masters of Scale

Interested in learning about managing and scaling start up businesses? LinkedIn co-founder Matt Hoffman brings us fantastic tips and advice from leading business experts. In his weekly episodes we learn about company culture, creating the best teams, outshining the competition and general business management. The production quality, storytelling and guests make these episodes stand out from the crowd.

Top Episodes:

Ray Dalio – How to embrace conflict
Netflix’s Reed Hastings in Culture Shock
Escape the Competition with PayPal’s Peter Thiel

The Tim Ferriss Show

Like all great podcast hosts Tim Ferriss has a curious mind and is open to new learning opportunities. It is these qualities that leads him to sit down with some of the worlds best performers, reseachers and business people. Covering a wide range of topics from mechanical engineering, adventure and writing, Tim gets to interview people about their creative process, providing us with valuable insights and tools that we can take into our businesses.

Top Episodes

Outside In

If you have any kind of relationship with the outdoors and believe in the positive effects of the natural environment then the episodes in this podcast will entertain you. As we have a long time love for all things nature related with the brand Orchards Near Me being one of our passion projects, these episodes have helped us to understand our relationship with natural environments. This one is for the big picture thinkers that want a little inspiration for their business culture, people and strategies.

Top Episodes

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bug
32 Is the New 40
Chasing The Light

These are just a few of our favourite business podcasts to listen to. If you have some recommendations we would love to hear from you and are happy to add them to the list.