Reach your Goals: 7 Clever Link Building Tips

Do you need to develop your backlink strategy and get more links for your site? are here to offer some useful link building tips and help you to build the right web traffic.

As an SEO tactic, link building has proven beneficial time and time again. In the past you may have bought a list of backlinks to direct people to your site but the bots are clever these days so you need to get creative. Start thinking about the types of people and companies that may link to your website.


If generating web traffic is one of your online goals for the year than backlinks can help you towards this goal. Whether somebody shares your content on Facebook, mentions you in a news article or retweets your site content, links help you to increase web traffic and boost referral traffic to your site.

Another reasons why backlinks are important is that they help the search engines to navigate the web. Backlinks help Google and the major search engines to find new pages. Google bots crawl and index pages on your website, your backlinks cacn direct them where to go next.

Also, relevant backlinks from reputable sources boost your credibility as a brand. If a search engines wants to show the end user the best possible results for their queries, backlinks should provide an indication of a websites overall reputation.

7 Link Building Tips

  1. Partner Links

The first but not necessarily easiest way to build effective links is to partner up with relevant companies and individuals. The better the online reputation of the company you partner with the more valuable this backlink becomes. An example here would be bridal company linking with a bridal magazine to offer the chance to win a wedding dress. Not only do both companies compliment eachother but both are reaching out to the same target markets.

2. Resource Pages

Build a resource page into your website linking to companies and services that would be of benefit to your end user. For example, if you are a recruitment firm you may link to a CV writing app or platform. Also, ask to be considered for others resource pages. If you don’t ask you don’t get so reach out to pages that already list companies like yours as a resource and ask to be added to this list.

3. PR

Having a well executed Public Relations strategy is one of the best ways to achieve valuable backlinks from reputable news sites and publications. This is often an undervalued marketing activity that boosts brand awareness, loyalty, sales and rankings on key search engines. A well written press release by somebody who has taken the time to build trust with a group of journalists can be worth 10 blog posts.

4. Events

Highlighting products and services at events used to be solely a sales or traditional marketing activity. Now that sales and inbound marketing are more intertwined than ever, we need to treat events as an opportunity to build backlinks, partners and trust with our preferred audience. Here are some tips when you are using Twitter at events. Events come in the form of tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and any networking event where you can build your brands reputation.

5. Ego Boosting

Do you feel grateful when somebody shares your tweet or likes your Facebook post and mentions you in their news feed? This is a completely natural reaction and a positive way to influence behavior and show somebody or some brand that you appreciate the effort of their work. From an SEO standpoint you can use your ego boosting skills and praise people or brands to help spread the love and share the backlinks. This way you are encouraging others to do the same. The next time you experience great customer service, think about how you can praise and link out to this company. They may be so grateful for your praise that they return the favour.

6. Image Links

Image links have always been fruitful in terms of building web traffic and with the increased popularity in Google images, traffic from .jpeg files went through the roof. Images and graphics are now commonly used for social purposes. Our brains are wired to prefer visual content and brands are using this to compete for our attention. Creating visually compelling content is one thing, promoting it and getting relevant backlinks to it is more difficult. However, if you really know your customer and map out their pain points you should be able to design a creative visual folder that will lead to some beneficial backlinks in the future.

7. Interviews

Talking to the experts and getting their insights is a clever way to encourage interaction with your brand, especially if you interview personalities that appeal to your target market and suppliers. If a reader is satisfied and enjoyed this content they may share it on their platform and provide you with a backlink.

If you enjoyed these link building tips and are investing in your link building tactics in the future we would be delighted to help you reach out. We have experience building highly successful partnerships and links for our clients.


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