Reach your Goals: Concentration In Work and Consistency in Actions are key

With every website, social media platform and email fighting for your attention it can be difficult to concentrate in work at times. This is exactly why setting clear, achievable goals from the outset it important when determining your digital strategy. Without the two key ingredients of concentration and consistency your marketing campaigns will be designed to fail.

By focusing on your short term objectives and completing each activity to reach these objectives you can better determine what marketing activities are working, why they are working and why others are not performing. If you are bouncing from one campaign to another you will find it is harder to analyse the results of each action.

Being consistent doesn’t just help you to consider your next move, it also helps the search engines to crawl your activity effectively and let your audience become familiar with your marketing patterns. For example, sending out a weekly motivational quote every Monday then eventually your followers will begin to expect these quotes, like them and hopefully share them with friends.

7 Tips to Help you Concentrate on one task at a time

  1. Have a comfortable, clean work space.

This may seem obvious but we see many working areas that are cluttered with papers everywhere, marketing materials spread around them, brochures peaking out from behind screens. Keep your desk clutter to a minimum. Do a spring clean on your desk and see how you feel.

2. Take time out

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the never ending list of tasks in front of you then get up and walk away from them. Go to a place where you feel relaxed. Try some breathing exercises or even some mindful meditations. Just giving yourself 10 minutes break to cool your thoughts can provide you with a renewed sense of energy.

3. Fuel your brain

Healthy foods such as fruits and nuts can help to fuel your energy levels and give you a welcome boost in productivity. Remember to drink plenty of water. We can certainly understand if you need your morning coffee (we all do). However, to minimise the sluggish feeling that comes after the coffee high, avoid coffee in the afternoons.

4. Understand your Priorities for the day

Some of us have so many tasks to complete that the list can seem overwhelming. Talk to your colleagues after your meetings to decide which tasks are the priorities for the week ahead. Try not to invest too much time in activities that won’t help you to achieve your end goals. Once you have made your list, review it like a book editor and cross out anything that seems unnecessary for the week.

5. Turn on some Music

There have been reports that playing music helps people to focus but according to the Wake Forest School of Medicine study it has to be music that you like. In a work place environment you may not have a choice in what background music is playing but when you are tackling that all important list of tasks for the week, ask if you can take some time out to concentrate and play the music that gives you the boost you need.

6. Take Breaks Regularly but Routinely

Unless you plan your breaks effectively, the breaks can end up being an unwelcome distraction and it can take you longer to get back in to the rhythm of work. Plan your daily breaks as you would plan your lunch. For example, take a 10 minute break at 11am, a 5 minute break at 3pm and another 5 minute break at 4pm. After a few weeks developing a consistent break habit your brain will know when to turn off and when to turn back on again.

7. Work Remotely

If you are working a part of a project that needs your full concentration and your colleagues are distracting you ask if you can be removed from the situation. Any sane, reasonable manager will be aware of the need for space in order to concentrate.

All of the above points should help you to improve your concentration in work and I am sure that there are plenty more ideas that we can add here.

For help organising your marketing tasks and objectives you can get in touch with me anytime. If you are setting your goals for 2020 check out our 1-to-1 workshops that will help you to focus on your objectives and build winning campaigns.


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