Reach your Goals: 10 Newsletter Design Tips

Are your newsletters and email communication reaching your recipients? Email marketing is one of the most important marketing activities today. It is hard enough to get people to sign up for news these days. Everyone is inundated with options and notifications. If your emails are not relevant to your audience, not personal to their needs, not addressing the right issues or unclear than you risk losing those subscribers that you worked so hard to get.

This means that you need to keep on top of your newsletter design, keep it fresh, consistent and contain the right messages.

Here we will share a few newsletter design tips to help your recipients stay engaged and for you to make the most of this valuable marketing tool.

  1. Write a Great Subject Line
  2. Remember to brand your Emails
  3. Don’t send emails from a generic address
  4. Keep it short, concise and clear
  5. Reduce the size of your images
  6. Pick the right template
  7. Include useful information
  8. Don’t forget your Calls to Action
  9. Use contrasting colours to make your emails pop
  10. Always test your Emails

If you would like some assistance setting up your email marketing objectives, building your subscriber list, designing your email content and distributing your mailings each week then we are here to help.


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