Reach Your Goals: Time Management Tools

You always hear of somebody staying behind to do their extra bit. Maybe they had a day full of meetings or they need to get a report finished or they have a deadline for submitting a funding application. Yes, we all fall prey to bad time habits now and again. However we can all try to work smarter, not harder and get our time management right so that we can be more productive during the day.

In an age full of automation, virtual assistants and a never ending list of tools to help us with our tasks then surely we can spend more time being productive and achieve a work life balance at the same time. This may be considered a little ambitious for a start up or a small SME management their business with limited resources but there are some time management tools and tips that will help you to make the most of your everyday to-do list.

Why you need to manage your time?

Accomplish More

By managing your time on a daily and weekly basis you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. For example, if you allocate 30 minutes to planning your day each morning you may be able to structure your tasks in a more efficient manner.

Focus on Top Priorities

It is always a good idea to have a list of priorities and manage them as best you can. Focusing on one task at a time and ignoring the constant interruptions is getting harder with the influx of news and social channels. A time management tool can help you to focus in on what matters.

Get creative

Managing time isn’t all about getting things done. It also allows you room to flex your creative muscles. If you have completed your list of daily tasks you may have left over time to spare. Ideally, this should give you space to think and brainstorm new projects and ideas.

Build Successful Roadmaps

Having more time will allow you and your team to build the right roadmaps for your projects. Often if we are rushing we skip important details that should be included in the initial stages of a project timeline. Careful planning with extra time will allow us to monitor each step.

Delegate Effectively

Sometimes delegating can seem like a job all in itself. If you are managing your time effectively you will have more free time to decide who can help you best with your projects.

Eliminate Stress

Feeling overwhelmed with your list of tasks? Managing your time may be one of the most constructive ways to reduce your stress levels.

Relaxation Time

Last but not least, you will have more time to relax and enjoy your hobbies outside of work.

Time Management Tips

  • Create a list
  • Set your weekly priorities
  • Set a time limit on your daily tasks
  • Write down your key priorities for the day before you turn on your computer
  • Have a plan
  • Learn to delegate
  • Consider the 80-20 Rule
  • Use your calendars
  • Don’t say yes to everything

Time Management Tools

When you should track your time

If you are feeling overwhelmed with multiple tasks and a never ending to do list than you need a tool to help you manage your time.

When you shouldn’t track your time

If you are involved in a project that requires creative solutions don’t be too strict with your time as it may restrict the outcomes. Allow freedom of thoughts and free flow of information for any brainstorming session. We suggest scheduling extra time or allowing for time outside the office when designing and developing creative solutions.

Get in touch with us to schedule a creative brainstorming session or talk to us about your the time you want to allocate to your marketing activities. We know that it can be difficult to evaluate the work of an agency, especially if they are focused on specific channels like SEO and PPC. You may think that very little changes have been made to your account in a specific month. We carefully monitor all of the work that we do and we only see the benefits if you see the growth in your business.

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