Reach your Goals: Why Website Speed Matters

This one metric can have a major impact on your overall digital goals. Slow websites irritate users, negatively impact conversions, SEO rankings and quality score from Google.

Your website page should load within 3 to 4 seconds or you risk losing customers and create a poor user experience.

Consider the last time that you visited a site to book something. You probably did a quick search on Google or visited the website directly if it is a well known brand like RyanAir or Now think of how long you would be willing to wait for your result if you were searching for a hotel to book for a weekend break. We have become so used of convenience that our patience is very limited and runs out pretty fast.

According to Google’s mobile speed report, best practice suggests under 3 seconds for average mobile content loading.

As you move from 1 to 10 seconds the probability of bounce increases 123%.

There are plenty of tools that will help you figure out the elements that are causing the delays on your site loading. Here are a few:

The main lesson you can take away after any speed test is to optimise your site for the best speed possible. To do this we can help you to work on the following items:

  • Minimize the number of Java script and CSS files
  • Invest in good hosting for your site
  • Reduce the number of plugins
  • Optimise the sizes of images and text
  • Identify 404 errors and redirects.

For more web speed advice or to meet with us for a discussion about your site you can get in touch with us anytime.


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