Reach your goals: Writing Successful Ad Copy

Getting somebody’s attention is the aim of the game when it comes to all things advertising related and attention is a luxury thing in the age of social media. With our ever shortening attention spans it becomes a constant scrap for the attention of your potential customers. The longer you can keep your reader or viewer interested the better chance you have of them taking the appropriate actions.

Now that the average consumer is aware when marketers are pushing ads in front on them, agencies and executives have had to become more clever when considering their ad copy. I must say that sometimes this can be taken to the extreme. We have seen ads that go completely off track and away from the message of the brand, this surely isn’t the purpose of advertising?

Big brands are showcasing stories and trying to associate their brands with causes but this can back fire if we aren’t careful. We have a developed a list of 7 ad copy tips to help you stay on the right copy writing track.


  1. Know your Audience

This is nearly the first point of any digital marketing activity. Without knowing who you are writing for it is very hard to deliver the right message. Knowing your target audience will help you to tailor the ad copy and ensure that the words register in the minds of your readers.

2. Don’t Try to Fool the Consumer

David Ogilvy, one of the worlds leading marketers believes that you should never talk down to your customers and this is true for every piece of ad copy that you write. Treat your customers with the respect that they deserve or they will turn to your competitors.

3. Keep it Simple

Don’t over complicate your products or services. People don’t have time to decipher coded language or pull out the dictionary to try understand your ad copy. Use simple language that speaks directly to the consumer.

4. Use Action works and the Active Voice

Don’t forget that your ad copy exists to do a job and usually that means sell. Use calls to action like try now, book now, get a quote to encourage the user to engage with your product. Also, always use the active voice as it is more urgent.

5. Cut out the Fluff

As marketers and writers at heart we all love a bit of fluff. However, keep the flowery language for your blog posts and articles. Fluff simply ads unnecessary text and tells the reader you are emotionally invested in every sentence. Be direct when possible. You can state the features but don’t elaborate too much as it can appear long winded.

6. The Title is Key

Everyone knows that a good headline will grab your attention. Clever use of titles in your ad copy can be the most effective way to get them more attention. No matter how amazing your descriptive text is, if your headline doesn’t appeal nothing else will be read.

7. Present or Solve the Problem or both

Marketing and selling are all about solving problems and helping the end user. Think about this when you are writing your ad copy. Be educational, informative and ensure that your ad copy has an edge by showing how you can solve the end users problems.


We will write another blog on Google ad copy as it is a whole other arena and we need time to take you through the elements that you need to be using to design effective ads on this platform.

If you need a helping hand we love writing copy so feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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