Understanding the Digital Marketing Mix

Online marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming due to the fact that a new marketing channel or social media platform pops up all of the time. The digital marketing mix helps us to put the various marketing channels and activities into categories that help us to plan.

So how will you manage your time and ensure that you are using each channel that you choose effectively? This is not an easy, one fits all, solution. It takes careful planning, creativity and strategic thinking to narrow down the areas that you wish to focus on.

If you don’t have the right plan in place with the right tools to help your implementation it can have dire consequences and lead to you wasting both time and money on the wrong resources.

Using the below graphic will help you to define the opportunities that are available to you. All of these channels and activities can be used to reach out. If you are ready to plan your first online marketing brainstorm get in touch and we can help out. We love diving into these channels and discovering the best ways for you to reach potential customers.

It can sometimes be difficult to prioritize all of the above activities but with our help and a tailored approach you can build a solid reputation for your online brand.

As we love the travel industry we are going to break it down like a true adventurer: Owned marketing is where we are (it needs to be our safe place where we are comfortable and where we have control), shared marketing are the places we visit that we know well (visiting our friends, reaching out to places like our home, where we feel link with similar minds), earned marketing is where we want to be but haven’t yet gotten too (these are the places or channels that we aspire too and motivate us into action) and paid marketing is our never ending bucket-list of places where we want to go so we need to consistently work to get there.

If you want to get to grips with the various elements of your marketing mix we are here to help you focus and give you the time to build a winning strategy.

I will explain the digital marketing matrix in full when we meet in the future.

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